Business & Personal Coaching, Performance & Troubleshooting

There is no way in a free election, a major decision over to a supporting consequence. Success is the sum of correct decisions at the right time. Where and how you find these I like to show you from and for the practice.

Business Coaching

Accepting changes & implementing challenges are the success values of a company.

In order to generate the best possible for companies and employees, it requires regular operations and employees' opinions inventory.

Ideas and suggestions, if promoted and heard, can be of great benefit to both sides.

I accompany you with expertise from start to finish, personally, competently and honestly.

Personal Coaching

You as an entrepreneur, leader, person at the front or behind the stage, come up against limits to exceed not always easy.

The focus can quickly change in an inappropriate direction.

No way leads past work.
And where work is being done, there are also pros and cons.

So you do not lose the Orientation set, I support you to keep the right path in mind.


Bring goals together in harmony.

To use an effective motivational and management tool as an important part of human resource development.

Creating goals in the context of a flowing process.

Confidence & Motivation encourages interaction between managers and employees.

Find, build and integrate common synergies. Team spirit and belonging to it gives synergies for new things.


Recording of actual and desired state of operational problems and disagreements employees.

Find problems, respond, learn to deal with criticism and expand as a challenge to success.

That means a change for success and growth.

No problem is to big, not to be solved as well.

My services are confidential, discreet, objectively and personally.


A healthy, motivated and successful work environment is the wish of all employees as well as employers.
Achieving and maintaining this goal requires a humane atmosphere. I would like to accompany you!

Personal Check-In

Are you pushing boundaries that you can not overcome yourself? Entrepreneurial, operational as well as personnel?

Insignificant takes over and the essential is lost in nowhere?

Then it is high time to pull the emergency brake and now to act.

With experienced tools and valuable solutions, I support you to find and keep the right perspective.

Happy Workplace

Healthy and satisfied employees, are the capital of every company and the desire of every supervisor and farmer.

Good working atmosphere promotes and motivates mutual success.

Employees become sick if they can not resolve internal (external) conflicts. Dissatisfaction and negative influences can be contagious.
Attention and understanding is the way for attention.

I offer my support for employees and supervisors.

Stress Management

Release of moments & moments that are not wanted & desired.

Any situation without blockages, anxiety & stress, positive & motivated.

Get into a state of well-being & satisfaction in a simple way.

Give more important things in life more time.

Everyday fears of flying, exams, public appearances, interviews, and much more.
My short term coaching helps.

Motivational training

What is motivation and what benefits result from it.

Awaken, understand, learn & share self-motivation.

Attracting teams to a goal is not for everyone. However, if the goal is successfully achieved, it will be a success for everyone involved.

Promote motivation in teams, groups & organizations.

Where does & where does deliberate motivation lead?

Individual and group training

About me

Here is a small part of my creative world. It is shaped to do what is good to the heart.
Connected with joy, motivation and fun. Implement and pass on for the benefit of all concerned.
(equipped with all professional skills, diploma, certified and licensed)

Therapeut & Ownder


Med. Health practices 
Lecturer & Owner
1978 - 1985

Hotelier CEO


CEO, GM, Hotel Manager
Management & Owner
1985 - 1999



Business Informatics
Lecturer & Owner
1999 - 2012

Business Coach & Creative Troubleshooter

 Creative Coach & Motivator

Business & Personal
Trainer & Owner
2012 - Today

  1. Marcel Waser is the founder and owner of BMS-COA.CH. He draws his knowledge from various fundamentals of his education and training.
  2. He has continuously expanded and supplemented his knowledge and many years of experience through basic education, universities of applied sciences, technical schools and specialized seminars. 
  3. His national and international clientele include senior executives, employees and farmers willing to embrace change and challenges. With his trustworthy and factual support and support he has helped many people to success. 
  4. Education - Therapist Physio & Psychology, Breath & Mobility Therapist, Hypnosis Therapist, Business Management, Business Management, Hotel Management, Human Resource Management, Business Informatics, Systemic Coaching 
  5. Trainings - Business & Management Coaching, Mental and Meditation Trainer, Health Coach, Systemic Short-Term Coaching, Magic Word Trainer, Wingwave Coaching, Coaching in: Work, Life & Health Balance, Supervision, Leadership. 
  6. Self-employment - Therapeutic health practices, Swiss Hotels, Business Information Technologies, Therapy- Coaching- Business & Personal Advice. 
  7. Qualifications - Dissertation, Diploma, Certified & Licensed: Business & Management Coach, Health Coach (ECA Advanced Level), Work-Life-Health Balance Coach, Magic Words Trainer, wingwave®-Coach (Practice-related psychology program, certified according to DIN EN ISO 2001), 
  8. I fulfil the international licensing criteria in the Advanced Level (ECA). The European Coaching Association (ECA) is a Europe-wide professional association of professional coaches. Since 1994 the ECA sets quality standards in the area of executive and personal coaching. Its members advise and coach companies and their executives, teams, managers, HR developers and consultants in goal-oriented further education and in the realization of their corporate goals. 
  9. Source: European Coaching Association -      As a rule, coaches who are members of the European Coaching Association Professional Association do not only have an academic education, but in addition to their coaching qualifications and the proof of psychosocial competence, they have many years of professional experience in a wide range of areas. 
  10. Source: Switzerland. Organization for personality training & applied coaching - www. 
  11. As Wingwave Coach (Diploma / Certified) at the Besser-Siegmund-Institute, certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. 

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Business-Coach; Creative-Coach; BMS-Coach
Marcel Waser
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